Win The Game

It’s almost Super Bowl Sunday here in the US. In just a few days the two teams who have played hard all season will play the last game of the season in hopes that they will win the super bowl and be the “champion.” They will have strategized, viewed footage of their best and worst work, and studied plays provided by their coaching staff. They will put in time and sweat equity doing whatever is necessary to get the ring and the glory. However, coaching, strategizing, and planning aside, all the players have one goal- win the game. No player will be expected to pass up an unexpected opportunity that is presented while they are on the field that can get them the win. Even if it’s not one of the pre discussed plays.

I want you to do the same. I want you to make sure you are preparing to do whatever it takes to win the game.  Whatever is necessary to achieve your goals.  More importantly however, as you play I want you to be ready, willing, and able to maximize the opportunity you are given, not the one you are hoping for according to the play book, to win the game.  I want you to plan, activate the plan, and be willing to alter the plan if it’s what it takes to secure the win.
  Don’t lose yards because it wasn’t 
what was discussed as probable 
in the locker room of your mind. 

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