That's..... Unnecessary

We were having a girls night at one of my best friend’s homes. I and another friend were a little early and were helping to finish putting the food and drinks out. My best friend mentioned she selected certain wine for wine lovers like myself and I shared “I won’t be drinking anything.”  I quickly followed that up with “I’m not pregnant.”
“Ahyana you don’t drink that much anyway, “ my best friend said.
“I know, so why drink at all. It doesn’t do anything for me. It’s just unnecessary.”
The next day amidst running errands I overheard two young women talking, one sharing how she decided to stop using profanity. Her friend mentioned she had noticed to which the young woman responded “Thank you” and that she has realized that it was “unnecessary.”
I’m going to keep this post pretty brief, mostly because too many words would be, “unnecessary.” And if you have concluded that is what this post is about, you have done rather well.
Here’s what I encourage you to ponder this week- to go, do, and be more ,what is unnecessary as you pursue the necessary?  What are the things that don’t  get to be labeled good or bad right or wrong but simply necessary or unnecessary?
I’m not going to give you a list of things that could or should be pondered as either. I’m just going to encourage you to do as I always encourage you to do, think about it then be about it.  I take that back, I will give you a directive:

Stop letting the unnecessary 
prevent you from the necessary.

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