Wherever you are going this year make sure you have a few “go to’s “to get there. Make sure that there are a few things, regardless of how crazy or hectic things are, that you can do to maintain your sanity and your creativity. If you lose it then we lose it. We lose all the amazing things you have to offer. So here are a few of my "go to’s." Feel phree to use some, feel even phreer to take a moment and make sure you have your own.

Go to web reads (Read it on the way to work, on the way home from work, in bed Saturday morning with chocolate chip pancakes because I start housework, etc.)

1. Liberette Magazine http://www.liberettemag.com/

2. Concrete Cakes http://www.concretecakes.com/

3. My Damn Blog http://mydamnblog.com/

4. BBC News http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/

5. Real Simple Magazine http://www.realsimple.com/

6. Life +Times http://lifeandtimes.com/

Go to ipod playlist (Right now, in love with and will sing to it and might get caught when the elevator doors open.)

1. Amel Lareouix’s For Real

2. Beyonce’s Crazy in Love

3. Solange Knowles’ T.O.N.Y.

4. Parliament’s Flashlight

5. Rob Base’s It Takes Two

Go to books for inspiration (Sometimes I’m at a loss for my own words, so I need the words of others.)

1. Bible

2. Beautylicous

3. The One Life Solution

4. What’s So Amazing About Grace (the visual edition)

5. The Lover’s Dictionary

Go to wardrobe pieces (As much as I look to look like I always have it together, I have my days, and these pieces help A LOT.)

1. High waisted black pencil skirt

2. V neck multi colored dress

3. Black tuxedo blazer

4. Heels (definitely a new development)

5. Classic cut red trench coat

Go to accessories (Because even the LBD for that networking event I forgot and am running way late for sometimes needs a little something. )

1. Pearl earrings

2. A big chunky obnoxious ring (the bigger the better)

3. My non prescription big and thick plastic black framed glasses

4. My leopard print bag

Go to motivating movies/tv shows (Sometimes seeing helps believing.)

1. The Women

2. Sex and the City

3. The Potter’s Touch

4. How to make it in America

5. Documentaries (on anything except medical ones or animals)

Go to ways to manage stress (Because there is no S on my chest, when it’s all said in done to maintain my sanity and relationships I take a break and some are longer than others.)

1. Bubble baths

2. Prayer

3. Exercise

4. Drink tea

5. Travel (LOVE San Francisco and the National Gallery of Art in DC)

6. Cook

7. Laugh

Now that you’ve read my go to’s  I think it's time that you get going!

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