2012:The Pursuit of Happiness and Anything Else Your Heart Desires

Happy New Year! Happy New Opportunity! Happy 366 days because it’s a leap year! So Happy 366 days of new opportunities (although by the time you read this you will only have 363 days of new opportunities.)!
Me wishing you all that happiness about all those opportunities ought to make you feel happy. I know I sure am.  Not that I need a new year to feel as though I have an infinite number of opportunities to make strides toward achieving my goals. I don’t. I don’t even believe it takes a new day. It really takes a new second to change the course of one’s mind and thus impact behavior. It takes continued seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years, to continue the changed course.
So then how do people do it? If it takes but a split second to decide but can take years to actually change and maintain the change, how do people change?
I’m not going to entirely answer that today. I apologize if that jus made you unhappy. I will answer it partially. The way I see it, changed behavior is a result of a changed mind. A changed mind is influenced by what you tell yourself and believe to be true. Last year I interviewed some amazing individuals who decided to create change and begin the pursuit of their dreams. They had words that they believed and I thought maybe as you begin your year of opportunity their words might help you.
So here’s hoping and wishing you lots of happiness and lots of opportunities in 2012!
“If you don’t quit, you win.”- as told to Adjoa Idun of Tastybuds by her mentor
“Treat people the way you want to be treated.  Be patient and be humble.”- Cyril Bullard of SWAG
“There is no road, you have to make the road.”-E Bond of RoughdrAft Books
“Once you have an idea, write it, plan it, and go for it. It might not be easy, may require some sacrificing, but go for it. A dream is possible.” Shenille Latrice of ichoose2live
“Take full advantage of all opportunities and education that you can.”- Khary Blackmon of Sit, Good Dogs
“Don’t do it for the money. Do it because you genuinely want to. “- Maurice “Rico” Demosthene, Realtor
“Build your kingdom where you’re at. People always talk about leaving Philly and better opportunities somewhere else. But you’re the constant. You and your skills so you gotta build your kingdom where you’re at.”- Nia Mnard of SouledOut
“There is no grey. As long as you live in grey you won’t experience the fullness of either side. - Serena Saunders of PassionArt Design
“Don’t let anyone measure your value, don’t let anyone corrupt what you know for yourself to be your worth as an artist and as a young man. “- words said by Tony Anderson of BET News to  Yusuf “Yuie” Muhammad, Freelance Photo and Videographer
“The worst regret is not having any at all.”- John Gorodetsky, Freelance Graphic Designer
“Don’t let people living their nightmare tell you you can’t live your dream.”- Danielle Lewis of Danielle Lewis Beauty (Danielle shared in her interview she thinks she saw this on twitter)
“Collaboration is more important than competition.” Kate Clark of GenPhilly
“Know your worth.”- As told to Jared Michael Lowe of lowefactor by his grandfather
“If you are going to claim a title you better make sure you know all that comes with it.- LT of Tabb Management
“Get all your ducks in a row BEFORE opening your doors….. If you close you are not offering anything.”- Annie Baum-Stein of Milk&Honey

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