Phind out Phriday: Phinding You

Over the course of the past couple of weeks I’ve posted a good bit about resources and their value. The posts have included everything from the value of taking inventory of your resources, to choosing the right team, to the power of words and how the messages we tell ourselves impact our progress and process toward our destiny, and ultimately our identity or brand.
Identity and brand development are integral parts to living a fulfilled life and building a strong business. It’s important to know who you are in order to know where you are trying to go. It's important to know what your business is and where you are trying to take it. One of my favorite questions to ask entrepreneurs is “Who are you in 5 words?” Some don’t think twice before sharing their response. Others try to condense two words into one so they can squeeze in an extra word. But all of them can tell you who they are in 5 words. And if I always posted the unedited versions of the interviews, you’d also phind out that over time they have known themselves and dtheir brands to be these things.
It could just be a reflection of where I am personally and professionally and my own need to pause and remind myself who I am (in more than 5 words)as I prepare to make some pretty big life changes, but this Phriday I wanted to encourage readers to think about who they are. "Phind out Phriday" is usually about providing an opportunity for readers to learn who someone else is and what their business is about. So this week, I’m posting the various responses of different entrepreneurs featured on the blog regarding who they are with the hope that this Phriday you can answer the question “Who are you in 5 words?”
Phreedum: Who are you in 5 Words?
Brandon Davis of American Dreaming Magazine: A young relentless American Dreamer.
Cyril Bullard of SWAG: Servant, activist, artist, intellectual, entrepreneur
Nia Minard of Souled Out: Funny, efficient, a social engineer
Khary Blackmon of Sit, Good Dogs: Focused, driven, big dreamer, average
Maurice “Rico” Demosthene of Ronin Real Estate: Man, son, husband, and servant of Christ
DJ Ricochet: The best DJ in Philly.
Lunden Abelson of Seeds of Potential: I’m a creative arts therapist.
Chill Moody: In Five words- I’m Chill
Annie Baume Stein of Milk and Honey: I am a mom and business-owner
Yusuf Muhammad, Videographer and Photographer: Aware, honest, learning, Africa, passionate
Carly Goldberg of The Women’s Collaborative Circle: Mother, feminist, wife, social-worker, women’s-rights-activist.
Curran Swint of Kings Rule Together: I am a young king
John Gorodetsky, Freelance Designer from New York: Empathic, pensive, contradictory, on edge
E Bond of RoughdrAft Books: Maker, teacher, explorer, traveler, interesting.
Ontario Armstrong and Clifton Wilson of Armstrong&Wilson: Driven, passionate, quality, integrity, creative.
Shenille Latrice of ichoose2ive: God fearing, passionate, driven, compassionate, student
Aeleise J. of HairLoveArt of Chicago: Wife, mother, friend, lover, artist
Serena saunders of PassionArt Designs LLC: Mother, teacher, painter, designer, Christian
YOU, of ______:_______,_______,______,______,_______

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