Phind out Phriday: Chicago keeps it natural with Aeleise of HairLoveArt

It’s that time of the month again. No, not that time. Don’t start writing me any checks (unless you really really want to). Rent is not due. It’s that time to phind out about a “not so local” entrepreneur. While Philly entrepreneurs definitely bring some amazing talent and skill to the Entrepreneur block, we do have some pretty amazing neighbors. One such being artist and stylist, Aeleise J. of HairLoveArt in Chicago, Illinois. Take a look at what I got to phind out.

Name: Aeleise J.
Age: 27
Location: Chicago, Illinois
Length of time in the field: 5 years

Phreedum: Who are you in 5 words?
AJ: Wife, mother, friend, lover, artist
Phreedum: Why “HairLoveArt"?
AJ: I’m a dancer/painter in love with my wife, my child, textured hair, and all things beauty related. I wanted to create a company which encompasses all of who I am.
Phreedum: So, you are in the beauty business. How do you define beauty?
AJ: Health, wellness, and a positive outlook on life. That’s what I am about and that’s what I try to cultivate.
Phreedum: What has been your proudest moment so far as an entrepreneur?
AJ: Growing my business from $0 revenue and 0 clients to a profitable, recognized brand in one short year. It’s hard work, but hard is not impossible.
Phreedum: What is the most challenging aspect of being an entrepreneur?
AJ: Always being on. In reality I can be super anti social at times but natural (hair) women approach me to talk about hair pretty much anywhere. I engage them because I want them to get facts, not fiction along their journey. I want them to take care of their hair.
Phreedum: When working with your clients what kinds of challenges have you encountered?
AJ:Sometimes clients have unrealistic expectations. I'm a technician not a magician and can only enhance, not create or repair, what you have.
Phreedum: Who has been most influential in allowing you to phreely pursue being an entrepreneur?
AJ: My mother and my grandfather were both successful entrepreneurs who showed me that this life was possible. My wife supported me and us financially as I started from scratch.
Phreedum: How does the products, services, environment of Hair Love Art change the lives of others?
AJ: Self knowledge. When my clients can properly care for their hair themselves using my professional advice it seems to boost the respect and love they have for their hair and for themselves.
Phreedum: have you evolved as a person? As an entrepreneur?
AJ: I've learned that failure is not the end of the world and actually it can be the start of a glorious venture. And patience is a virtue that can be learned.
Phreedum: What do you love about being an entrepreneur in Chicago?
AJ: Everybody here respects this as a business not a hustle.
Phreedum: How do the locals show you love?
AJ: Not sure how to answer this, but my clients are loyal and serious about our healthy hair care partnership. They really listen and in what I offer and see results. And they send new clients my way which helps grow my business. Who doesn’t love growing their business?
Phreedum: What words of wisdom for other budding entrepreneurs?
AJ: Plan your work, work your plan and just do it.

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