Phree to ad(d)

I think I’m still getting used to the artistic side of me. Granted I am pretty sure it’s been there since I was in the womb, but it’s just starting to fit like my favorite pair of gap skinny jeans. I still have sketch books from when I was younger. Pages and pages of clothes. Pages and pages of imaginary homes that I had the privilege of being both the architect and interior designer for. We are not going to ponder why it took me a break up, thousands of dollars for two degrees in counseling, and almost twenty four years to start Phreedum. The point is I started it and since I did I have experienced the blessedness of addition.
I’m not just talking dollars and cents, nor am I just talking additional responsibilities. I’m talking about the people I have encountered along the way. The people that make Phreedum possible. Now, no disrespect to the supportive family and friends, but we go way back, back to those aforementioned sketch books . There are people I have met along the way, in classes at Penn, sidewalks in front of Cosi while on the way to class at Penn, bartending at the bar in the Cosi after classes at Penn, my editing designer in Brooklyn, my no time for bs fellow supporter of all things creative friend I met through an old roommate, and most recently a team of young web designers and a team of up and coming fashion designers. Wow, that list kind of makes me look like a glutton. But I think you get my drift. In a short two years I have met some amazing people all of whom I am extremely grateful to know. All of whom have given constructive criticism, helped me pull myself together when I was way less than confident, knew a guy who knew a guy who knows a guy, and are just as hype (aka passionate) about Phreedum as I am and their own endeavors.
All of these additional people have been people who have and continue to help me get a little closer to making Phreedum all that I envisioned it to be two springs ago. Recently, one of the young up and coming local designers passed on the information for a magazine that he thought my products should place an ad in. He knew a guy who knows a guy. So a few texts and an email later I get the go ahead from the magazine’s editor to create an ad to submit to the magazine. A few brainstorming, pointing, clicking, emailing, mass textings later I completed an ad that I look forward to seeing in American Dreaming magazine.
One of the greatest privileges in building this brand has been an opportunity to live its mission first hand on a personal level. As an entity the goal is to financially support non profits that are helping its consumers and communities on their journeys toward freedom I have had the privilege over the past two years to work with people who had added to my life that I might continue to add to and build Phreedum so that its mission and vision is fulfilled. For that I have experienced in life that was taken away on a personal level and all that was taken away as a budding entrepreneur, I have so appreciated that which has been added.

Look for our ad in the November/December edition of American Dreaming magazine.

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