Phree Labor

My brother invited himself over to dinner as I am sure all younger brothers sometimes do. We had dinner and headed out to get some ice cream. As we walked I told him about my ideas for an ad for Phreedum and some new designs in process. He offered some helpful feedback for which I was grossly appreciative of. We came back to my place, Allen was on his phone making plans for later that evening and I was on my computer doing a little research on something I recently learned about at a meeting at work. I wanted to make sure that what I heard, Pennsylvania just passed an Act stopping the shackling of incarcerated women during labor, was true.
And sure enough, as I perused the Women’s Law Project (a local agency that provides legal assistance for women centered issues in Philadelphia) website, I found the link for SB 1074 Healthy Birth for Incarcerated Women Act. My eyes popped and my jaw dropped when I read incarcerated women in 2010 in America were shackled during labor.
“That is crazy.” I said aloud.
“What?” my brother asked.
So I told him “They were shackling pregnant incarcerated women while they are in labor, they just passed a law to ban it.”
“Where was that in Africa or something?”
“No Al, in 2010 in Pennsylvania.”
I don’t know how these women got in prison. I can’t say I care. What I do care about is the importance of them being treated humanely which would include being able to have a safe and healthy labor/delivery process. The child deserves their chance at Phreedum and that definitely means making sure their journey, even if it starts in an incarcerated womb, is safe.
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