Phree to Start again

Former beauty editor of Essence Magazine , Jenyne M. raines, once said “Sometimes in life you gotta make a remix.” Plain and simple, you take something and you put your spin on it. You take it from good to great, from a 10 to a 20, from naive to a couple years of the business game under your belt. This is Phreedum, the remix.
The mission is still the same, the designs are even better, and the energy behind continuing to build the brand and disseminate the mission, the vision, and most importantly the products to the masses is unstoppable.

At the heart of the brand is the philosophy that I, you, we are Phree to do just about anything. Some things, i.e. staying 21 forever, me playing in the NBA championship, etc, we aren’t free to do. But, looking good, feeling good about the products you buy, supporting those who need help on their journey to freedom, are all things I, you, and we are definitely phree to do. And perhaps most importantly what I am learning as I build this business is you must be phree to learn from the past and keep moving forward.

Believe it or not Phreedum has been on the block for two years. And the remix is about making sure you know we have no intention of moving off the block. We plan on staying a part of and growing the socially conscious design community. Welcome to Phreedum- the remix.
Shop, support, live Phree!

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